Top 7 baby safety essentials in 2020 0
Top 7 baby safety essentials in 2020

Are you feeling excited about the arrival of a newbie in your family? Not able to figure out what your baby needs. Parenting is a great experience but often confusing to find out the necessities as everything seems so cute but that’s doesn’t mean you have to end up buying everything.

Assuring the safety of your baby is the major role, for that baby proofing your home works the best. Keep a check on the safety essentials at home in places like stairs etc. Also, doors slamming all of sudden, windows containing dust, toxic cleaning products mistakenly kept in reach of the baby and even the corners or edges of bulky furniture's which may harm your child.

By childproofing your home you make safe surroundings for your child and even your family.

Let's have a look at some of the essential childproofing products

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Hospital bag Checklist for Delivery time 0
Hospital bag Checklist for Delivery time

Well, we understand the anxiety of a mom who is counting her weeks and days to deliver her baby. You will be panicked about many things. Many feel restless as the days come closer. Don’t worry it is usual and you are not alone.

We agree that you must face the labor pain all alone and that is the reality too. But, we would want to reduce your stress by providing you tips in packing the hospital bag in advance.

Before, getting into the hospital bag checklist for mom, we want you to know a few important things as listed below.

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Baby Nails Trimming Techniques 0
Baby Nails Trimming Techniques

One of the most difficult tasks in the initial few months for new parents is to learn to cut their baby's nail. You are often worried that you may end up hurting them but that’s not so and also it's necessary to keep the nails short because it prevents the baby from scratching them as well as you. 

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Baby blues Vs Depression - Which one are you facing? 0
Baby blues Vs Depression - Which one are you facing?

Pregnancy is a massive switch in every woman's life, and a mix of new emotions both mentally and physically does occur. Do not worry that you are alone and actually you are not the one alone but everyone goes through this phase.

Nothing creates more happiness for women than holding her newborn baby but it also comes with lots of responsibilities. Nurturing a baby is not an easy task, you need to be alert subconsciously as it is rightly said: “a mother is never off duty.” Childbirth accompanies a lot of changes in a woman’s life such as fatigue, sleep deprivation, new responsibilities, and no personal space, etc. Hormonal changes take place immediately after pregnancy due to which you undergo mood swings.

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How to overcome flat head syndrome among babies 0
How to overcome flat head syndrome among babies

Many newborns have uneven or flattened heads and it's normal. Newborns come into the world with soft and flexible skulls rather than hard skulls, due to which it becomes easy for them to compress and travel through the birth canal. However, it also means that your baby might have a flat spot as they continuously lie down on a pillow, baby swing, car seat, or on the mat.

The flat head syndrome which is medically termed as Plagiocephaly describes naturally occurring imperfections in the shape of the baby's head. The little head can look deformed, being a mom for the first time it's quite stressful for you but no need to worry as it doesn’t mean that the baby is undergoing some pain or will face any developmental problems.

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How to provide peaceful sleep to babies 0
How to provide peaceful sleep to babies

The most difficult part about parenting is to compromise on your sleep. Have you ever feel cursed when you miss sleep for many days? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Your little one can wake up anytime and make you stay awake all night. Sleepless nights come hand in hand with motherhood and don’t take the stress. Here are some of the simple tips which will help your little one sleep peacefully throughout the night and hence allow you to catch up a decent night's sleep.

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Apply these 11 Secret Techniques for a Peaceful Flight Travel with Your Baby 0
Apply these 11 Secret Techniques for a Peaceful Flight Travel with Your Baby

Traveling by flight with your newborn can be quite challenging especially when it's for the first time. You can't really be sure how your baby is going to react to the atmosphere in the air. Sometimes the situation can be even worse than you expect.

But, don’t panic. It is always better to be prepared to handle the sudden tantrums of your baby or any situation arising to reduce anxiety. Here are a few tips which will surely help you flying with a baby through the plane.

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10-must do things after giving birth to a baby 0
10-must do things after giving birth to a baby

A mom who was once worried about how to prepare for a baby will worry about things to do with a newborn after delivery. This is natural and medically we call this worry as postpartum depression. But don’t think hard as we are here to give you a detailed guideline to manage your time and baby well after delivery.

Follow the 10-must do things in the order and organize your life to accommodate a newborn with you.

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Baby skin protection need and best tips to care for the soft skin 0
Baby skin protection need and best tips to care for the soft skin

I am feeling excited to touch my baby's skin! It is soft and thin. Have you felt the same with your baby too?  Yes I know they are sensitive and delicate. Thus, it is susceptible to many weather changes like humidity or change in temperature.

I know your pregnancy woes have not stopped yet, as you are now worried about giving good baby skin care to your baby which is prone to rashes and allergies. Trust me; the baby skin care routine requires a lot of knowledge.

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